LIS Gateway for Moodle

– integrates Moodle with any SIS which supports LIS

LIS Gateway for Moodle is an implementation of the IMS Global Learning Information Services (LIS) standard (version 2.0.x). It is a mechanism that allows the Moodle Learning Management System to be integrated with any Student Information System which supports the IMS LIS standard. Integration with an SIS means that Student, Course, Enrollment and Grade records can be automatically provisioned on Moodle from the SIS without any human intervention. Gateway eliminates the need for custom integration scripts, unofficial workarounds or repetitive typing when sharing information between the SIS and Moodle.

Gateway is available for on-site installation or as a cloud service.

View our video on using LIS Gateway to integrate PeopleSoft Campus Solutions with Moodle via Oracle SAIP

Read the case study from North Dakota University System.

Download the Gateway for Moodle fact sheet

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